2019-2020 Dart League Schedules

2019 Summer Dart League Schedules

2018/2019 Registation Form

Summer Dart League Schedules


Remote League Instructions

All games start at 7 p.m. sharp

1.       Go to the main menu to get started.

2.      Arrow down to league mode and press the red button.

3.      On this screen arrow down to play remote league and pick your remote league.  (Very important that you pick REMOTE LEAGUE)

a.  18TURE - 2018 Monday Remote

b.  18WERE - 2018 Tuesday Remote

4.     Next pick your team.  You are the local team.

5.     Choose whether you are the home team or the away team.  Look at the schedule to determine this.  It is very important that you choose             the right one. 

6.     Next pick the remote team you are playing.  Once the team you are playing also follows all of these steps it will then ask for your league             fees.  

7.     It will then ask you to insert your league fees.  This is $4 per player $8 per team.  All of these fees go into a pot to be paid back 100% to             the teams based on rank.  Once the fees are inserted you should be ready to start playing.  Game fees are $5 per person ($10 per team) if          you want to put it all in at once.

8.     The Freeze rule is in effect.  The board will not warn you that you are frozen.  To calculate if you are frozen when you are up to throw first            ignore your own score.  Your partner must be lower than the two opponents combined score.  If they are at 79 & 99 your partner must be           below 178 for you to take our your game.


2017 Summer Traveling League

2017 Summer Remote League

Getting started for remote league